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Godofredo and Doddy

May the peace and the love of Go be always present in each of you, my dear brothers and sisters. Thank you for the support of my family. May God bless your generous hands, your families, work, businesses and all that you do to enlarge the Kingdom of God and may your lives continue to be prosperous in the love of our beloved Savior Jesus.


Church services on Sunday. Godofredo is in the back row closest to the camera.

I am very blessed and have great peace in being able to share the Kingdom with people that cross our paths. Although many times I start studying with someone and cannot finish because they stop coming, we are still encouraged and encourage the ones that continue to come. I say this because I started studying with a neighbor that lives close to our church building. His name is Godofredo and we met him through his wife Elvira who comes often to the church for the women’s teas and studies. I started talking to Godofredo and we decided to study the Bible. We started with the plan of salvation and in those studies Godofredo understood what he needed to do to be saved. Now he has to make a decision. I want to share that he is an ex Catholic priest and has some knowledge of theology and thanks be to God he was open to studying the Bible. I am happy and thankful with our Lord for the opportunities that I have in sharing the good news of salvation. I plead with you to help us with your prayers for the hearts of the people in Tarija. The ground is very hard here but we trust that nothing is impossible for our God and we continue to work.


I want to ask you to also pray for our oldest son Doddy. He was in Honduras in the Bible institute of Baxter and only had a few months left before graduation. He was doing his apprenticeship with a church in Salvador and became ill with dengue and with a stomach bacteria. He was very sick and where he was at there was no medical attention close by so the institute decided to bring him back to Honduras where he could receive some attention as the institute has a connection to a clinic. It was a very rough time but he has slowly gotten better although he still suffers from headaches and dizziness. One of the problems was the doctors kept insisting he be on a strict diet which he tried to follow the best he could but the food the institute provides was not in line with what he needed and there was no place for him to prepare his own food also there were signs he needed to see a different doctor since the medicine he was receiving was helping certain things and making other areas worse. As parents we were very worried and after talking to the Baxter president and Doddy it was decided to bring him to Bolivia where we could take care of him and get him the help he needs. He will do his apprenticeship here with us since it is too expensive to get him back to Salvador and he would encounter some of the same issues that has affected his health again if he went back. Thanks to the generosity of others, we were able to get him a flight to Bolivia. His spirits are better but is still dealing with some issues. Please pray for him and I will continue to update you in the next blog.

A hug to all of you.

Grace and Peace to you.

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