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Going Back to School

Hello to all.

May the peace of God rein always in your hearts. My family and I are very grateful for your prayers and your valued help so that we can do missionary work here in Tarija. May my God multiply a hundred times more for you for what you have done for us.

My classmates and I at the house

A few years ago, I had the desire to finish high school and this year I found a place close to our house called CEA (Center of Alternative Education). This is a school for adults so they can finish high school. I was able to enroll so that at the end I’ll have my diploma. The classes are from 7 to 9 pm. Each semester we take two classes and since the beginning of school things have gone well. I am learning more about Bolivian history and am very excited about this opportunity. This is helping me understand the people here better and will help me share Christ better because of it. I’ve been able to make some friends and we’ve been able to spend some time together outside of the school. Last Sunday we got together in a house to do some of our group assignments. It was a good time and we were able to talk and share some food. Hugo, Bleyer, Luis and Zara are their names. Please pray for them and for me, that God would use me and give me wisdom with my words and so that I can be an example as a Christian, and pray that they may come to the feet of Christ.

With Don Mario at his house

About a month ago I met an older man. His name is Mario Ledesma. He is retired from the military and is 80 years old. He lives in front of our house and is very sick. It makes me sad because his children do not help him in the way he needs. His daughter is even a doctor who studied in Cuba and Don Mario told me he did a lot so she could study there and be in this profession. He feels sad and doesn’t understand why his daughter acts this way after all he has done for her. I have not had a chance to really speak with his daughter since I have seen her very few times. The other day he needed to go to the cariologist and because of his age, he can not go alone. He called his daughter but she told him she was on a trip so I offered to take him. My wife and I are trying to be attentive of him. We share food we make, spend time with him as he is very lonely and I’ve been able to read the Bible and pray with him. Above all, I’ve been able to speak to him about the hope that we have of eternal life in our sweet Jesus. On Father’s Day I told Mary we should make a special meal and take it over to his house and eat with him. I ask you to also help me by praying for Don Mario and that in his advanced years he can take into account our loving God.

As I mentioned above, Father’s Day is celebrated in Bolivia on March 19th. The ladies of the team made food and games for the Sunday after the 19th. We invited people we know but did not have the turn out we had hoped for. Only Ricardo and his two small daughters came. It was still a blessed time and we laughed a lot during the games that the ladies made us do. We ate spaghetti and brownies with ice cream.

(Celebrating Father's Day at the church)

I can say that the work here is hard but we continue forward as a team and as we try to find ways to get closer to people here in this beautiful city. Know that you have my gratitude, and that of my family, for all that you do for the work here. Thanks to your prayers we are able to stay strong before the attacks of the Devil.

Grace and peace from Him who was, who is and who is to come.

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