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Going to the States and Returning to Tarija

Hello everyone! May God always bless your lives and all your daily work, and much more as the work that you do is the work of our Lord and God. Thank you very much for your help to be able to continue in Tarija announcing the Good News of salvation. Thank you!

We are back in Tarija after a few very nice weeks in the United States. It was a great joy to see and spend a nice time with our daughter, Naomi. God is very good and faithful with her and He has blessed her with wonderful families who always have take care of her. We are very grateful to all the brothers and the Churches of Christ in San Angelo, TX. and Fayetteville, AR. Thank you for receiving us, we felt at home. May God always bless your lives and thank you very much for the love shown to my family.


Now at home we resume our daily activities at work. We resumed the parenting class this April and it was very edifying to share the theme of this workshop. The topic was emotional parents. It was a good time to learn how we should be expressive with our children, how everything that is said to them at home impacts them and the love they receive will be reflected in their adult and professional lives. In my childhood I did not have those words of affection from my father. I would have really liked to have heard "I love you" or "You are special to me" but I never heard them. This topic helped me a lot to continue having more affection towards my children. Now in Christ I am a new creature; I can move forward in my life because He is the best Father I can have, loving and compassionate. I am confident He is with me always.

At El Camino, our contact center, I am studying from time to time with a new person who I met a few days ago, his name is Rene, a doctor by profession. This week we talked about how God blesses us. It was a good time and I hope that little by little he comes to know the immense love that God has for each of us. He has attended the Sunday meetings on two Sundays. I ask for your prayers for him.

A hug to everyone. Thank you very much to everyone who hosted and fed us during our visit to the United States. God bless you abundantly.

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