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Growth and Unexpected Conference

My girls and I went to Cochabamba for a few days. Pilar needed to see her dentist and Zeineth ended up needing to see him too, so happy timing. I usually am asked to give the women’s Tuesday class if I’m there and this trip was no different… until on Sunday they announced that all the women from the 4 different churches in the area had been invited. It ended up being a conference and instead of the normal 4-6 women, there ended up being over 30. I spoke about how we need to be careful and honest with ourselves about being lukewarm and producing fruit. While in Cochabamba we also picked up some of Zeineth’s paperwork from the orphanage and visited with people from the church.

The women’s class here in Tarija seems to be growing. There have been two new ladies coming consistently this last month and a half. They have also been coming to the monthly women’s tea along with one other lady and have started coming to church. It’s been good to get to know them and to hear about their lives. One is a firm believer in God, while the other has said that God has not been a part of her life for a while. It has been great to see her getting closer to God and also great to see the three women make connections with the church.


We have been able to get all of Zeineth’s Bolivian paperwork done! This took a long time because the adoption paperwork wasn’t sent to me until almost September. She now has a new birth certificate, ID card and Bolivian passport. The day I picked up the passport (late October) I applied for her US tourist visa with hopes we could go to the States in Decebmber- January. The first opening for an appointment at the embassy was on January 23. I’ve been in contact with a Texas State Rep and his office has been in touch with the embassy here to see if they could move up the date, but so far there has been no change. I’m still hopeful we might be able to go in January if the appointment can be moved, but we will see.

(Left to right: Last Sunday of the month lunch. Pilar and Zeineth wishing you a Merry Christmas.)

Prayers for the ministry, my family (especially for Zeineth) in all these changes and for Zeineth’s visa are appreciated. I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and will have a great Holiday Season as we remember Immanuel, God with us.

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