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Having Peace in God's Process

God is doing things that we can't see now, but we trust Him and are striving to walk in faith during these times. Even though we don't have an arrival date for Argentina or know the details about the area we will live in, and we have many questions and unknowns that will possibly go unanswered for a while longer, we feel that this time of waiting has been crucial to our preparation for things ahead and deepening our walk with the Lord.

As many of you know, our family is also in the waiting time of expecting our next baby due in September. In this time too, we can't see what God has in store, what our little one will look like, be like or even what day she will come! We are waiting in excited anticipation for God's timing and His love to be revealed in that tiny face and sweet little body that He has been forming for all this time. He is an amazing Designer of all creation and His power is shown in the details just like these. Just as we can have peace in the process of this pregnancy, we also can trust that He is in the business of crafting our futures according to His good plan and design. He uses the waiting time for His glory, teaching us many things such as patience, character, hope and perseverance.

Our hearts' desire is to soon be serving Him in Argentina, a place that desperately needs more Christian workers spreading love and the light of Jesus. Yet during this time of expectation to be "where we are supposed t0 be", God shows us that we can have peace about where He has each of us right now. Each stage is important, just like each milestone in a baby's growth and development, is exactly where they need to be at that time. It can't be rushed or wished away to the next important phase. We learn so much about trusting the Lord to be the One that knows the process and the timing for all things in our lives.

God has used this time before the Argentina work begins to continue to develop our skills, character and our relationships with Him and others. We have also had the opportunity to serve Him where we are and recognize that this is all His molding and preparation for things ahead.

The story of Joseph is an inspiring one as he had many situations in His life that were, I'm sure not according to how he would've planned, yet He trusted God throughout the process, reaping the rewards of remaining faithful to God. Even in the waiting, in trial, in persecution and in false accusation, God used each hard stage in His life to shape Him to be a leader and a man who would honor Him.

As each of us go through different situations in life, some which may not be pleasant or where we feel we need to be, it's important to remember the faithfulness of the One we follow and to follow Him faithfully. Our Creator is still working on our character, transforming us daily as we submit to Him. I'm thankful that He is the One that sees the whole picture and gives us peace as He takes us through the process of getting from one important stage to the next.

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