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In Person Again

(Pancho having a Bible study with a family)


Good day to you our brothers and sisters. We give thanks to our God for your lives and for the help that we are going to receive from you for establishing a church for the Kingdom of God in Tarija, Bolivia. May God bless you always. Greetings to all our brothers and sisters.

We are thankful to our Father for this start of the new year and for the new challenges that we have in continuing with the plans for us to travel to Tarija. We are happy that the Myers and Cabrera families have arrived in Bolivia with God’s help and favor.


We continue with evangelistic Bible studies and edification studies for the Christians here in Manta. We have these studies in people’s homes. In February the women of the team initiated having the women’s class in person again. This is a gathering that will happen every Friday. Also the youth have started meeting in person again and the church congregation is meeting in their location.

(Mary and some ladies cooking)

We continue having time in prayer on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5:30/7:00am for zoom with other Christians in other parts of Ecuador.

(Benevolence visit)


My family had to go to Huaquillas for the elections in Ecuador (to vote- which is mandatory). We took this time with our family to tell them the news of our return to Bolivia for the purpose of continuing working in a new mission that, with God’s blessing, will be in Tarija.

(Women's Class)

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