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Meeting People

One way to meet people and make friends is by participating in a sport.

I was looking for a place to fit in and use my sports skills. One day I asked Ramiro, owner of the apartment where we live, if he played any sports, and he said that he had been playing Wally (like volley ball but played in a racket ball court using walls) for a long time with his friends. He said he would ask his friends and would let me know if I could join them. They welcomed me and we started playing on Mondays but, because of the pandemic, it was sporadic Sometimes we did it, sometimes we didn't.

Now it is constant every Tuesday for an hour, from nine at night to ten. It is very late, but that is how it is here. It is the time they have after their work and after being home for a bit.

Sometimes it's complicated for me because of the children and helping them get to sleep at that time, but I want to keep getting to know these people so that over time we have a strong friendship and I will be able to share Christ with them.

Energy, time, and comfort must be sacrificed in order to meet people to win them to Christ.

It has been good to find this circle of people, to share some time, de-stress and the most important thing is the desire that they know Christ through the example of our lives.


A peak into Tarija: Tarijeños (people from Tarija) love cheese and it is often sold on street corners.

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