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I am very thankful! For the past 8 months we have been living in the neighborhood of Morros Blancos. We have been able to get to know this neighborhood. Dios has blessed us a lot by helping us cross a big road, one that each day made me afraid to cross. We have met some neighbors like Martha, Jesica, Alejandra who live in the same building; Rosa who owns a little corner store; and Gloria and Liliana who work at the grocery store. They are all very nice and are very sweet with Nehemias. They work every day of the week, even Sundays, but they say that when they have a free day they would like to go to the church or to EL Camino.

Nehemias and I make cookies and go visit them and share some about God, El Camino and the church. Pray for them, that God will open their hearts and that they will seek Him. We will continue to visit them and grow our friendship even though we have recently moved to another apartment. Now we are living closer to the Cabrera and Myers families. It is more in the center of places like the chuch, Nehemias' school and the rest of the team. Pray that we can continue to meet people and continue to share about our Savior Jesus.


Maria Isabel lives right next to the church. Her son Leo finally has a name- it took them over 8 months to decide on one! Here we are celebrating his first birthday. It was a nice time to share with her and her family and friends. It is a custom here that during the birthday, the parents will make a speech about their child and the important people in their lives. Maria Isabel said that she was very thankful for us and how caring and open to help we have been towards her and her kids. It was a blessing for us to hear. God is good as He blesses us through our friendships and I am encouraged.

Blessing on you all, Mary

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