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Neighbors and Prayers

This month I started a group at my home for the women I know in my neighborhood. It’s a time to pray and we are also talking about the book of Philippians. I’ve actually tried to do something like this twice before and it no one seemed interested, but this time there are two women who have been coming. I don’t know what has changed. I hope it’s God moving in their lives and calling them to Him. I hope that some light has shined out through my interactions with them that has sparked an interest in finding out about a God who’s love and presence can change our lives and give us hope. We meet once a week on Mondays and have only met a couple of times but you can be praying for Telma and Natalia.

We need your prayers. Things are going so slow here it often feels like nothing is happening. People come to studies (I’m still giving a class on insecurities and there are a couple of women who often come) and they come to events or to our houses or the park… They come sometimes and are encouraged, but it doesn’t feel like they are connected. I know God is working, but we need prayers that people become connected and that a hunger and conviction for their need for God grows.


Pilar, Rosana and Yhoan

Winter vacation is here and the kids have two weeks break from school, so one week more. The time passes fast. Pilar and I have the blessing of having friends from Sucre come and stay with us. Yhoan and Pilar went to the same kindergarten and first grade together and Yhoan mom and I have become good friends over the last few years. It’s good to see the girls together. They had only planned to stay for a week but are now planning to stay through the next week too.


We are still doing a book drive for our contact center here. This is a great way to support the work here. All books are being shipped to the Southgate Church of Christ who is then getting the books shipped to us. You can find the books on under registry. The registry is under my name (Angela Myers) and under custom gift list. There are actually two list with that name - I don't know who the other person is ;) - but ours has the title "El Camino Books". Thanks for getting involved.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers, that God’s kingdom grows here in Tarija.


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