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New Beginnings

"If the Great Commission is true, our plans are not too big; they are too small". - Pat Morley

Whether you believe in New Year resolutions or have given up on them, most of us cannot stop ourselves from looking with hope into the new year. New beginnings should be filled with hope, expectations, and plans that will probably change along the way, but will get you started on meeting goals and getting you to a new place. We as a team are in for some big changes in the coming years especially as we move to Argentina later this year. We look toward this time depending on God’s power, His grace and His ability to transform lives. We are filled with hope and joy in being a part of sharing the Good News with the people God will place us in the middle of.

I am honestly not one for changes. They scare me and my fear turns into a lot of other emotions. But God has shown Himself to be faithful over and over again and He will continue to do so. I do know that without change, there is no growth and I will never have a full life without it. So I remind myself of my own past and that of others and of all the ways change has been positive and a blessing.

Pilar and I are in the States with family right now and that has been a great blessing to us. We will be traveling with the Franques family for a couple of weeks in January as we get with people and churches and share our vision with them. We are looking for support- financially and spiritually. We know that the call to “Go and make disciples” is a call for all of us and we personally have heard the call to Argentina. God will always provide a way to do what He has asked us to do.

When God says go and we say “we can’t” that is unbelief and unbelief is an act of disobedience (Heb. 3:18-19) and disobedience is a lack of love (1 Jn. 5:3) and lack of love is a lack of trust. God doesn’t always provide how and when we would like but He will provide and He wants us to believe and trust in Him and to obey with actions. Many times we refuse to obey because the excuses sound so wise: it’s not the right time (wanting for things to have a guarantee and for it to be comfortable- because that means it’s the right time) or taking the ‘humble” route and saying we are not ready (depending on our own abilities and not on God’s). Both of those things can also be things that God tells us: wait, learn, but there is always still something He is calling us to do for the advancement of the Gospel. There is no faith without actions. There is still a-ways to go before we have all the funds we need, but God will provide so we walk by faith and know He goes before us.

Please be praying for us and for our travels and times with people. Get involed if you can and contact us.

Pray that we all see the importance of the mission we have been given and that we really start to believe how great our God is.

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