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Our Month

Dear family,

May the peace and love of God be with each one of you and your families. We hope that you had a good Christmas and that this year will be filled with blessings with God’s favor over all of you. My family and I am very thankful for the help that we have received from you to start this new dream in Argentina, if God wills this for us and if we are able to travel there. If not, we are willing to go where the Lord desires- we are in His hands. We are hoping that the borders permit us to leave and begin this work that we desire to start.


This month has been peaceful in the festivities we have had. We have spent our time visiting some families in the church whom we appreciate very much. We have been able to share some meals together and we spent Christmas with the missions team we are currently a part of in Manta (Ecuador). New Years was spent celebrating with two families in the church and we enjoyed a good time with them. In spite of the pandemic, we have been able to have various studies using Zoom so we have been able to continue edifying and being in community with our brothers and sisters. We continue to hold our services on Sunday using zoom.


Our son Nehemías has been able to have fun with his friend from the school, Christian. This is a family we have known since we moved to Manta. We have shared so many moments with them and have formed a great friendship. We are hopeful that soon they will come to Christ. May

God continue to bless your lives and we send you a strong hug our beloved brothers and sister. We ask you to continue praying that the will of God be realized in each one of us.

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