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We had a nice activity with Nehemias and his classmates the other day. I had the opportunity to help alongside two other moms, Susana and Liliana, during Student Day. I liked sharing this time and continuing to get to know each other and also I took advantage of the time to invite them to church activities and share with them what we do here in Tarija.

The activity was outside the school in an event place where there are soccer fields for the children to play, and we three moms along with the lead teacher were organizing, taking care of the kids and serving snacks. Everyone was happy. Whenever I can, I like to support the school and thus meet and make friends with the parents.


El Camino is one of my favorite places! This is where I can meet and encourage people to know our Father God. I like to invite people I know to have breakfast with me and my beloved husband there. I hand out brochures to invite them to meet and talk about what we do at the El Camino coffee place or invite people to university lunch. I'm happy and grateful to God when people come. It's very sad when they don't want to know anything about God or when they ignore the invite, but I always trust in God that people who truly want to know and learn more about Christ will come and enter. We continue to persevere every day and we ask for your prayers for Tarija. We continue to hand out the brochures and talk about our Savior and why he has the control of everything.


This is at Margot's house! I am grateful and happy with God for the friendships He is giving me. I loved enjoying a nice afternoon of tea and being part of the friendship of these beautiful women along with Gladys and Liliana and also our children shared time to play. We spent the whole afternoon and evening talking, laughing, eating and as always, I talked about my Heavenly Father. Pray for them so that God puts in them the need to seek God. Sometimes it is sad when there are mothers who do not want to know about God and they distance themselves from me or they don't even greet me. There are some whom I think don't want me to talk to them about God and I feel that they are distancing themselves from me.

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