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Prayer Day, Birthday and Books

Updated: May 26, 2022

Thank you so much for all the prayers and for those who joined us on our prayer day. It’s always amazing what we encounter when we set time aside to talk to God and lift up our eyes to see Him. I am humbled constantly by what I hear- that He loves me and holds me, that He accepts me and helps me stand, that He never gives up and always finds ways to show up in my life…

"All are Welcome. Free Coffee"

The week of the prayer day we painted and fixed things in the new location for our contact center “El Camino”. We will still have our old place also, as the new place is extremely small and wouldn’t work for church services or gatherings of a bigger nature. We opened May 9th- the Monday after our prayer day. Lorie and I went and I started writing on the chalk board to announce “Free Coffee”. Before I had finished writing the same thing on the other side, a group of students came in. On the first day we had more people come in than in the entire time we were in the other place. The students are coming for the coffee and tea but they are getting to know us and we will continue to pray that the seeds planted will grow.

First group to enter on our first day open


All the kids have been sick this month. It started with Caleb, who still has a cough, and has moved down through all of our kids. Pilar has had a sore throat and a little cough for days, but last night her body just fell over the edge. She stayed home from school today and was sad to miss out on some things happening, but she needed this rest and I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better for her.

Pilar turns 9 on Tuesday. This is a hard birthday for me. Someone said it’s because it’s the last single digit age. She is getting bigger and it’s lovely to see who she is becoming. She is God’s gift to me. Through her I constantly see God’s grace, forgiveness, mercy and love. She speaks truth into my life and is a reminder of innocence and acceptance. She is beautiful. She is an amazing person with such a kind and generous heart. My heart is full of love for her and because of her.


On another note, we are trying to get books for El Camino and there are not a lot of options here, although there have been some good books we’ve found. In Sucre, I usually brought books that I found in the States or on trips. So, we are doing a book drive. I’ve set up a registry on Amazon and am asking for individuals, groups or churches to help buy these books. The books will be sent to South Gate CofC and there will be shipped to us. (Be praying they get here… they should.) Although I know that a church’s missions committee could provide these books for us, I have been asked in the past how individuals could help this work. This is something tangible to do and a blessing for us, so instead of asking committees, we are asking members and family and individuals. We hope you will feel more connected to the Tarija missions work through this.

You can find the book registry on Amazon under my name: Angela Myers under custom gift list with the title “El Camino Books”.

Thank you again for all the prayers you send up for us and all the ways you encourage us. May God’s love and grace be seen when we look at each other and may we always remember His presence with us. Emanuel- God with us.


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1 Comment Here’s a link for the book list! So exciting!!!!

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