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Prayers Answered

(The Torres arriving in Tarija)

Before we talk about the Torres arriving...

As Juan mentioned in his blog, we had some sort of sickness going around our house for about three weeks. Intestinal infections, fevers, Covid. It was not fun and was very restricting, but we were extremely (EXTREMELY) blessed because although it was stressful- especially with the kids- it never got really bad and the person who was sick would be feeling better before the next one came down with something. Nichole was probably the worse and then Caleb at the end but both are doing fine now. Thank you for all the prayers!


Another hard thing about us coming down with stuff was the fact I had to keep canceling the women’s group I had just tried to start. I had only had it twice when I wrote my last blog and then had to cancel the group twice. The first week back no one came and it was hard to think that the newness momentum had faded for the two ladies coming, not to mention the constant cancelations. Last week on the day I was again trying to invite people over, I shared my discouragements and doubts with a couple of groups I’m involved in State side and some friends and asked them to pray. I wrote the ladies who had come to the group before and, like the week before, heard nothing back… Until 20 minutes before it was supposed to start. My neighbor called to verify the time (and probably verify that it wasn’t canceled again) and said she would be coming. I really believe those prayers are what moved her! Lorie, Natalia and I had a good talk and I’m hopeful she will come again.


The reason this blog s being posted a day late is because the Torres arrived yesterday and I really wanted to announce this! We have been so excited about them coming and the team being together. Yesterday morning I took Pilar and Nicole to the airport to pick them up. I haven’t seen the Pancho, Mary and their son (8) Nehemias for about four years. They were teammates in Sucre and where there from the start of that work from 2007- 2017. It was surreal seeing them again and having the Torres, Cabrera’s and my family together again like this. The kids ran and laughed and played hard all day yesterday. We are blessed by a great team who is family and who really seeks to love and show Christ’s love to others. I’m extremely hopeful about what will happen here in Tarija as we move forward together.

Please keep the Torres in your prayers as they deal with the emotions of leaving their home, friends, family and work in Ecuador and for their adjustment to living in Tarija. Pray that for all of us really. The Cabrera’s and us have been here less than three months and we are still dealing with all that too. Everyone is living with Pilar and I until they find apartments (or as in the Cabrera’s case- waiting for their apartment to open).

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