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Raul and Veronica

Hello to all. May God in His infinite mercy be always glorified in your lives.

Thank you very much for all the care you have for us. May God return to you much more than you have given. I want you to be assured of my gratefulness for all the help you have given us over many years. I always want my first word to you to be words of the heart and that show my great gratitude for all of you how help us and to all the saints who are committed to God along with us in His Kingdom, not only in Tarija but around the world, wherever the Gospel is announced.

In my last blog I wrote about my visit to the city of Cochabamba so I could participate in the PLM which is a training for people who want to be helping their churches. It is given through the EQEB Bible school in Ecuador to help local churches. I was not able to go this month because of other priorities, but I hope to go to the next seminar.

(The church in Tiquipaya during their anniversary)

While I was in Cochabamba last time, the church in Tiquipaya (close to Cochabamba) invited me to speak at their 6th year anniversary celebration. I gave a message titled: “Gratitude and Contentment in God’s People”. A message to encourage all of us to never forget to be grateful and be content in all moments of live and in all circumstances. We looked over the story of the ten lepers and also all that Job went through in his life and how God in His goodness, sustained him. How he was able to be lifted up by od’s power from all that had befallen him. A very moving part of our history that comforts us in our difficult times and during times of criticism that we pass through. The truth is, it was a very good time with the church family there, celebrating their anniversary and all to the glory and honor of our beloved God.

(At El Camino with Raul and Veronica; at their house; Angelito)

This past month we met Veronica and Raul. They are a couple with great hearts and have five kids: Miguel, Mauricio, Emily, Marina and the smallest is Angelito who was born without one of his arms. He is a very fun-loving kid and is happy and playful. This family we met at our new contact center by the university. Veronica and her daughters sell snacks and food to the students on the sidewalk across from the contact center. Thanks to God, we have been able to help them with our contact center; giving them water or something to drink, inviting them to have a cookie or bread (we always have snacks to give people at EL Camino) or letting them use the bathroom. They have started coming to church on most Sundays. We are happy and thankful to God for their lives. Mary and I have been taking time on Saturdays to go to their home and study with them. We have started with a basic Bible study called “Buscando la Verdad” (Seeking Truth). Veronica has told me that she wants to get ready to be baptized. I desire this with all my heart and pray to God that she will continue firm in her decision to follow Christ.

I ask that you continue to pray for us and for the family of Raul and Veronica. For their desire for God and also for the hard economic times they are going through in which we have helped where we could.

Grace and Peace,

Your servant.

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Milton Langston
Milton Langston
28 nov. 2022

God bless Raul and Veronica and their family! Milt

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