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Serving Others and Sharing Jesus

Lymber is a boy we met on the street. He doesn't speak clearly, he has a little difficulty pronouncing words, he is also shy and suffers from epilepsy. According to him, he has parents and siblings and his father is an alcoholic. With what we can understand the condition in which his family lives is very poor and a disaster emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It is like an abandoned child that has been neglected by his parents. To survive, he sells sweets on the street, eats what people give him and sleeps where he can since apparently he goes home infrequently.

We give him food, we pray and read the Bible with him and I am helping him read and write. He says he goes to school in the mornings, but it is difficult for him to learn because he does not have the emotional stability and resources to eat properly and because of the epilepsy and the medicine he takes for it


From time to time I bring his clothes to wash at home and we give him a change of clothes. It is a sad situation that we see in Lymber. Just like him there are many cases of children abandoned and neglected by their parents that we do not know about, but God has put us near Lymber to help him.


We are doing a series of sermons on Sundays about the life of Jesus. His life and work recorded in the gospels from Matthew to John, where each one presents the qualities of Christ, as the son of God, His divinity, His mission as a powerful servant and Savior.

It is very beautiful to see the life of Jesus and His perfect work acting in the lives of people. His action continue with those of us who are serving in His ministry. It is true that several years have passed since the Savior has called us to begin a new life with Him and it has been great. Now we can share the story and experiences of God's call with others.

Stopping to contemplate the story of Jesus in the gospels gives us life, and we communicate this life and reflect it to others. We will continue enjoying the life of Jesus together through this preaching series for a long time to come.

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