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Tea with Elvira

Tea with Elvira and her son

We had Elvira and her son Brencis to the house for tea on day. I made some cookies and Pancho made some sandwiches. Her husband and daughter couldn’t come but it was a good time together and for them to know where we are living now.

We are very blessed with Elvira. She has a servant heart and is always helping others. I love her joy and how she works hard for her family. She continues to learn the Bible and to seek God. I ask prayers for her and her family (husband and two kids: Brencis and Mayralex).

Elvira's students

They are going through a hard time and right now don’t have a steady full time job. They are striving to do what they can, selling food and she gives classes on Saturday to college students but it is in a town five hours away. She comes to church and the activities she can assist. She encourages me as she is always content no matter the circumstances and is always willing to help.

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