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The Feet of Jesus

Hello to all. We are always thankful for the blessings you offer to our lives.

The days past fast and this month we have been in Tarija for a year. We have been doing some activities to try and share the Gospel of Christ, but we have not had the turn out we had hoped for. It is very frustrating to us, but we have to continue to persevere, be patient and continue to sow the seed in the hearts of the people, hoping that our example of humility and service people will come to the feet of our beloved Jesus.

In the time we have been in Tarija, we have gotten to know a little bit of the city and we are seeing how we can serve the community better. We had been looking for a place close to the university to rent so that we can work with the students and thanks to God we found one. We have been working these past 10 days or so to get it open this week. We hope that, with God’s favor and blessing, that this place and what happens there will be a great help to the students that will come by. We will be keeping you up to date on how it goes and we thank you for all the prayers offered on our behalf. Please pray that the Father uses this place for His honor and glory that He always deserves.


In March was Kid’s Day in Bolivia and we took the Saturday before the date to invite all the kids we know from the Saturday market and the park to come to the church building and celebrate. A lot of kids came and we felt blessed to be able to celebrate this day with them, seeing them laugh, play and eat. It filled our hearts and we hope that the parents will in some moment come and visit us and become part of the family of faith in this city.


On the 15th of April, Tarija celebrates the Battle of the Tablada that was fought for the independence in 1817. There were many activities in the city with marches, traditional dances, artist who displayed and traditional food fairs. As I am taking classes to get my GED, my classmates invited us to some events. It was very fun and we had a good time with them. Things like this are allowing us to get to know people better and to hopefully have the chance to share Christ with them in the future.


Holy Week was also celebrated in April. I did a series at church on the Passover. Personally, it was very edifying. Remembering is to come back to life and to continue forward with the message of Christ to all who desire to come to His feet and recognize His lordship.

May God bless your lives greatly. A hug to all of you. May the peace of our Beloved Jesus reign in your hearts.

Grace and peace.

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Saludos a todos! Los amamos en el amor del Señor!

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