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The Last Two Months

I have felt blessed and grateful with our return to Bolivia after the visit we made to our Naomi. God has been faithful throughout this adventure. The time of being with our daughter was a great joy and encouragement for us as a family- seeing the wonderfulness of His creation and seeing brothers and sisters of faith again after so many years.


Nehemías spent two difficult and stressful weeks trying to catch up at school. It was full of homework and exams due to missing classes. Thankfully it is over now and he is caught up. I really enjoyed these weeks visiting some mothers from the school to get copies schoolwork that Nehemias needed so that he could catch up on subjects. In gratitude I made cookies and contacting my acquaintances to invite them to church and the activities that the team organizes every month. It has been a great blessing.

This is my neighbor Janeth who lives across the street from my apartment. She has come to some activities and I invited her to the women's tea, the parents' talk, and to share at home, I enjoyed preparing some chocolate muffins with Reeses chips that I brought back from the States. Please pray that she will seek God.

Monthy women's tea


I had an afternoon tea in my house with Margot visiting. We shared a delicious cake and time getting to know each other better, chatting about our children. Her son Alejandro and my Nehemias are classmates. We continue sharing with her about our faith and what we do here in Tarija. Sometimes he attends some activities, but other times it is sad that she cannot come. We continue to persevere in God and trust that He continues to touch their hearts and transform their lives.

This is the Lourdes' store. I went to visit it and Wilma also arrived with her puppy Fiorela, they are good friends and I have been encouraging them. It is sad that because of work or needing to go to the market or cooking for their family they don't come to church. It is sad how people walk away, or they do not come and do not give priority to seeking God. They are beautiful, hard-working women with a good heart and we continue to trust in God and sow His word with the people He places in our lives.


We had a beautiful afternoon for the family festival at Nehemias' school. We were in rehearsals for a few months which was crazy but also a blessing to be able to continue sharing with the mothers of my son's classmates and to also be able to meet the new mothers of the class. I always take advantage of talking about our missionary work, making friends, inviting people to church and church activities and am happy to have learned a new dance from Bolivia. We danced Afrosaya. It was fun and full of a lot of nerves on my part!


We are also grateful and surprised again with my Naomi who, thank God, worked to extend her visa to continue in the United States! Pray for Doddy that God continues to use him for His purpose in the work in Portoviejo, Ecuador and pray for the insecurity that Ecuador is going through.

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