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The New El Camino

Hello my beloved family in the faith. We are very grateful for your support so that we may continue to share Christ in Tarija.

Students in El Camino by the University

It seems like things are going back to normal here. I say this because we have seen a lot more university students as their classes have gone back to being in person. With this was spurred the idea to open up a contact center close to the university campus. We had been praying for a place to open up that we could rent and thanks to God we found one. We’ve been there for over a month, with the first week or so getting things ready and cleaned so that we can serve the students and all who we will meet in this place. A couple weeks after opening we got our sign put up and it looks good. I was very excited when they put up the sign and filled with the many possibilities of how God will work through this project. We have had a considerable number of visitors since opening. I ask for your prayers as it has not been easy to reach people here. We have done a variety of activities and have not had the results we had hoped for. We worry about this. Time passes by fast and we have been in Tarija for a year and we have not had any converts. Please pray for people to open their hearts and that through Christ their lives might be changed and be a part of the community of believers.


In May we had a great surprise with the visit of our daughter Naomi. We felt very blessed to have her with us. I am sure Mary gave more details in her blog. I would like to say thank you to all who have helped our kids (Doddy in the Bible school in Honduras and Naomi in Aim in the States). May God bless you a hundred times over. Please be praying for doddy as he finishes Baxter that God would open doors so that he can serve God wherever God may send him. Also pray that my family will have the funds to go see Doddy for his graduation. It is not cheap, but God can provide.


A hug to all of you. Thank you for everything.

May the Eternal always bless your lives and ministries.

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