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The Spiritual Warfare

Greetings dear brothers, sisters and friends,

May the Eternal God bless your lives every day. Thank you all for your support for all of us here in Tarija, May God give you much more than what you give us. Thank you for allowing us to share Christ with others.

(Talking with people at El Camino- contact center)

This month Mary and I began to resume visits with the people we met a long time ago. We went to visit Lourdes. We were encouraging her to have a weekly Bible study, but we could not because of her work. It takes up a lot of her time and also she was going through a difficult time. Her oldest son had an accident at school and they had to do an emergency surgery. She was very worried about it since her son got very sick, but thank God he is already recovering very well. We continue to persevere so that she can obey and return to the ways of the Lord. She attended a church before, but has stopped. I beg your prayers for her family please.

Mary with Marta

Also some time ago when we moved to our house, we met Martha. She is in charge of cleaning the apartment building where we live. She is a very hard-working lady. Mary has always been inviting her to the women's monthly tea at the church but she has not been able to go. A few days ago we invited her to have tea at our home. It was a nice time with the her. She spoke to us a little about the culture and beliefs of the people of Tarija. She says that people here consult a lot with people who read coca leaves and tarot cards.

Witchcraft is very strong in this city, though it is not as in the open as it was in Sucre. She told us that a neighbor who lives on the first floor of the apartment building practiced witchcraft and black magic. He no longer lives in this place, but while cleaning the apartment after he left she found strange witchcraft things like dolls with pins tied up or burned. We were very surprised by Martha's story and this made us alert. Without a doubt we are stepping on enemy territory and this is why people are refusing to listen to the Word of God and have not been receptive to the invitations we give them. For this reason we ask you to keep us always in your prayers. We are convinced that God will protect us from these forces that have enslaved people and will always give us victory.

These things I wanted to share with you, dear friends. A hug to all and I say goodbye to you until the next opportunity that God grants me to continue sharing a little more of our work in this beautiful city of Tarija.

His servant

Francisco Torres and Family

Grace and Peace

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