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The Virgin of Chaguaya and El Camino

Greetings dear brothers and sisters, May the peace of our Lord Jesus always be with you. Thank you very much for taking care of us and our families. With the favor of God we are already advancing as a Church. Some Sundays we have had good attendance for the service. This encourages us all a lot and we thank God for what is happening in Tarija.

This month people have the habit of making a pilgrimage to Chaguaya, a town where one of the deities of Tarija is found, a virgin, who is worshiped by a lot of the people here. It takes about 12 hours to walk from Tarija to that sanctuary where all kinds of worship are offered. There are many people who do this walk as devotion and also as penance for their sins, while others do it to fulfill a vow. We continue praying that the people here can know the truth, and that what will help us is Jesus who has everything we need for our salvation.


Personally, my family and I continue to share with the people we have met before and on previous occasions. I have already spoken to you about them: Don Julio, Jonathan, the Family of Don Godofredo. The children of this family have already met with us for two Sundays. That has encouraged us a lot. We ask you to continue praying for these young people: Brencis and Mayrale.

Also the El Camino Christian Center is getting to be more known little by little. We have had the opportunity to meet more young people and have had studies or answered questions that they have such as the covenants, The Word, the love of God, etc. The truth is this blesses us a lot and we want to be diligent in serving our God.

May the eternal God always bless your lives, a hug and thank you all for your prayers.

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