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Two Places

Tarija has a university campus where all the departments are except for odontology. We have the new contact center right outside this campus and it is ideal as there is a lot of foot traffic along with all the automobiles. This is allowing us to reach out to more people.

Even though the space we rent is small, it is a great start and we use the space well. In the future we would like to find a bigger place in this same area so that we can have both the church services and other activities in the same place as the contact center. We continue renting our first place as it works for Sunday and is big enough and has a kitchen so we can do events and activities there.

We ask that you continue helping us through your prayers. Pray that we can share the Gospel more and more.


Picture of Ronald and his family (my son Caleb also wanted in the picture and of Ronald when we took a trip fishing.

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