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Two Weddings and Travel

Hello everyone. May God always bless your lives and all your daily work, especially in the work that you do for our Lord and God. Thank you very much for your help so that we are able to continue in Tarija announcing the good news of salvation. Thank God my family and I are doing well.

In the month of August we went to Sucre to celebrate the marriage of our brothers Daniel and Sandra Montero. We had a nice time visiting all the members of the Church there.

Here in Tarija, we continue to invite the students of the university one Thursday a month for a free lunch. This allows us to share about Jesus, and continue to make the El Camino Study Center known.

Vanessa and Chema's Wedding

In October, one Friday a month we have the parents' workshop. This month the topic was “How to be a good father”. I was the one to share this topic with the people who regularly attend this workshop. We also went to Buenos Aires in October to attend Vanessa Chura's wedding. She invited us and asked me to officiate her marriage. Vane is very special to the team and also for my entire family. God has blessed her a lot and we are very happy with her life. It was a nice experience to share with the family of Christ in Argentina.

A hug for all.

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