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Visiting Sucre

We want to share with you family, our desire that we have to visit the church in Sucre. Our plan is to encourage them, spend time and share with them, through events and things planned at the church building. We want to have times in smaller groups through different activities and in larger get togethers through the three-day conference. The theme of the conference is: Your Eyes on Christ. We desire to visit the leaders of the church in their homes and see how things are. The time we want to be in Sucre, visiting and encouraging the church, is two weeks and we have been doing a lot in preparation for this visit. One of the things we have been doing is meeting with the leaders in Sucre by zoom once a week. We want to see how things are and encourage the leadership in Sucre. We have been doing a series with them on “Leading by example” about characteristics church leaders should have and have been inviting leaders we know from different countries to share with all of us.


We were planning this visit for the 15th of July to the 3rd of August. We have our tickets and were set, but a third wave of Covid has hit Sucre and is making the numbers of cases reach an overall high. This winter has also been very cold and many are sick. Both of these things are making people close themselves in and they are not going out much unless its necessary. Because of all this it is not a very good time to go.

We are changing our dates to visit to September. It’s a better season weather wise and we hope that the Covid cases lower and the pandemic situation is a little better. We are saddened that it was not possible to go this month- we were so excited to see our family in Sucre, but God willing we will be able to go in two months.

This time will give us the opportunity to continue preparing for the conference and the activities that we have planned. God’s timing is perfect and we accept these changes. We continue to be happy and joyful that we will be able tot spend time with our family in Sucre. We are hopeful that it Will be an encouragement for them as they will be an encouragement to us.

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