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Visitors and Visiting

Blessings from the All Mighty on all of you!

This month I had the opportunity to teach how to make a chocolate cake in our monthly women’s tea. This was on Friday and I was able to pass out the cake on Saturday to the women I know who work at the market. Noemi and her son Lucas were able to visit us. We cooked together and were able to speak about how good God is.

In January and February we had different visitors come from Sucre and Argentina. We had a good time with them. We thank good for them and the encouragement they brought to us and the encouragement they are to the church in Sucre and Argentina.

Here my husband and I were on our second visit to Señora Lourdes. She is a friend of our sister Sila in Sucre. We are very happy to know her and content that she lets us come and study with her at her work.

We ask for your prayers that the ministry will be known by the community her and that our neighbors will know God.

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