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Our family Christmas Eve with Lorie's aunt

December was focused on getting things ready to welcome Noah Josué to our family and home. The way Lorie’s pregnancy was going we were expecting Noah to come any time during December. Finally, with the doctor, we decided to schedule the C-section for the third week of December when the baby would be at 39 weeks. We decided to go with the C-section because of Lorie’s circumstances. She had to have a C-section with Caleb (our second child) a year and a half ago and we were told by the doctors that trying for a natural birth so soon be put Lorie and the baby at risk.

Noah Josue- Our Christmas baby

Thanks to God, all went well. The doctors and staff did a good job, the attention and service at the hospital was good and Angela and Mary helped us a lot the two days/one night that Lore was there. Lorie is recuperating well from the surgery. Her aunt Mercedes came from Ecuador and will be here for three months to help us.

We are happy that Noah is doing well and growing and that Caleb who is one and a-half years old is acting good with all these changes that come with having a small baby in the house.

Nicole is a great big sister

We honor and glorify God that He has given us the privilege of becoming parents again. We trust that the Lord Almighty will hep us in this great responsibility and the challenge that raising three children brings.

God bless.

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