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Healing Hand of God

We have been blessed in this new mission in Tarija. We love the nature that surrounds the city, the people are nice and our neighbors are very nice. But it hasn’t been easy or simple this last month since we have all been sick. I started the chain reaction with stomach pain and an intestinal infection and sadly I spread it to everyone else in the house. Pilar was next and she had a fever for 24 hours and the intestinal infection. Thanks to God, she recovered fast. After that it hit Nicole. She had a fever for much longer and she was very weak from the diarrhea and vomiting. After about two days she started feeling better. Then it was Juan’s turn. He ended up taking a Covid test and was positive. This scared me a lot but again thanks to God, his symptoms were more like a cold. There were no complications and he was better soon. And not to be left out, Caleb also got sick and I am very thankful to God that his fever was not too high and the doctor said he had a sore throat and that was it. During this time we found out that Caleb is allergic to Ibuprofen and this worries me but I trust that God has control.


We have worked hard as nurses with Angela during this time. I was happy that she was at my side. I love how God gives us friends and family in Christ with whom we mutually help each other. And after a couple of weeks of stress and being shut in, we could get out and see God’s creation- this filled our spirit and being. God never left us alone during this time and once again I saw His healing hand and his protection over our lives.

~ Lorie

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