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Greetings to all! May God's blessings always be with each of you.

I want to share what has happened in the month of January: we have been on school holidays and everything has been very calm. We continue looking for a way to continue sharing Christ with people. Some time ago we had the idea of going to the hospital and sharing a snack with the relatives of the people who are hospitalized. We were finally able to do it and Verónica accompanied us. She sometimes attends church with her family and we were very happy that she could go with us. We had the opportunity to meet Nora, Elsa, and Gabriela who have a brother, Nelson, in intensive care, They allowed us to pray for his recovery and thank God he has been recovering little by little. Since then, Nora told us that he has left intensive care. They visited us on a Sunday at Church and we were able to have another time of prayer. We have been keeping an eye on Nelson and we also brought them a lunch that we prepared at home for her and her brothers who were in the hospital, It is very beautiful and we feel very blessed helping people who are going through situations like these in this way We will continue with this new ministry with the blessing of God.

I pray that you please continue praying for us, we continue looking for ways that allow us to reach people so that they can know the love of Christ. This is what I wanted to share with you. Thank you for everything and greetings in Jesus to all of you.

Grace and Peace

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