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Injuries and a Funeral

May the blessings of our Lord Jesus be with each one of you.

We thank you for everything you do for our families during our time here in Tarija. My family and I are doing well. A few months ago we went out to play basketball with the boys , and after a while I felt severe pain in my knee, but I didn't get medical attention. On May 13, when Mary and I went to visit Verónica and her family, I got off the bus wrong and my leg bent backwards. My knee became inflamed and I had to go to a doctor and after some studies, he diagnosed me with sprained knee. I had to rest for three weeks and for this reason I was not able to do my work that I normally do. I now feel very good and can walk without limping.

Funeral of Don Bonifaz Cruz

Last month I went to a funeral. In the previous blog I told you about Don Bonifaz Cruz, Verónica's father who was very sick, and on Sunday May 28 he passed away. We went to the wake on Sunday night and on Monday he was buried. It was a nice time to talk to the people who were present about the hope we have in Jesus. I hope that people can look for the great hope that there is in Jesus.

Don Julio and I

We are also spending time with Don Julio César. We often share meals with him and he feels like family with us. He has been faithful in the Sunday meetings. May God open his heart to know Christ better.

This is all I can share this with you at this time. May God always bless your lives.

Grace and peace.

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