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Beloved brothers and sisters, I hope that your lives are prosperous in all things and that your health is well. May God continue perfecting your spirits. We are very thankful for all that you do for our families. We are blessed to be able to count on your courageous help so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be preached here in the city of Tarija. Thank you for praying for us all the time- this gives us so much strength to be able to continue forward in this evangelistic mission.

Playing wally-ball on Saturdays

As we have mentioned before, we are now set up in another part of the city with a new “El Camino” (contact center). This place has helped us a lot to get to know more people and to share Christ. It has blessed the people in this area also as they can come in, have a hot drink and maybe a snack and talk or read one of the books we have there. It reminds me a lot of our start in Sucre. A lot of university students come by to talk with us and hopefully will later bring their families or as the years pass and they form families, as was the case in Sucre.

(Students in El Camino)

Life always has its sadness and its joys, but always in Christ we can bear up under any adversity that we may go through daily. In my last blog post, I shared a little about an older man named Mario who lived in front of our house. For awhile I did not notice him leaving his house and was told by his family that he was not doing well and was in the hospital. On June 28th he passed away and this was very sad for me, thinking I could have done more for him. Don Mario considered me a good friend and I also grew to appreciate the few months we had together. I ask that you pray for his family and their souls.

This is what I can share right now. Thank you for always praying for us and for your generosity that you have for all of us. May my God, Lord and King bless your lives and give you double for what you have given us. Please know of my love and admiration for each of you. I leave you now until the next time. May the Eternal all bless your lives.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19


P.S. Please remember about our book drive that we have for El Camino. We have already received 5 books! You can read more about the book drive in a previous post. Click here:

All books are being shipped to the Southgate Church of Christ who is then getting the books shipped to us. You can find the books on under registry. The registry is under my name (Angela Myers) and under custom gift list. There are actually two list with that name - I don't know who the other person is ;) - but ours has the title "El Camino Books". Thanks for getting involved.

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