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Opening Homes

We met Don Julio in El Camino, our Bible study/ contact center, that is in front of the university campus. He is studying law and his goal is to be a lawyer. It is impressive the desire he has to study and despite his age (70), he does not give up. He is healthy physically and intellectually. He lives humbly and is very kind and sociable. He is respectful with everyone.

He has told us that he separated from his wife 20 years ago and has three kids and some grandkids. He has tried to reconcile with his kids but they want nothing to do with him.

He lives completly alone. In the Tarija team he has found family with which to share life. In El Camino we share the Word of God and pray. It is good to know him and share the love of God with him.

We have invited him to our home to eat and he is very thankful as he enjoys our company and friendship. It is good to know people who are looking for sincere friendships.

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