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Time in Prayer

Greetings our beloved brothers and sisters. May God always be blessing your lives. Thank you for your prayers.

(Watching a World Cup elimination game with neighbors at El Camino)

This month I do not have a lot to share with you. We continue to look for ways to get to know people. This month we took advantage of the eliminatory games for the World Cup and we bought a TV for El Camino so that we could invite people to watch the soccer games with us. One of these times Ecuador played and so we prepared an Ecuadorian dish to share and two weeks ago we invited our neighbor Ricardo and his family to watch a game. It was a good time.

We are also looking for another place to have the church building and El Camino. We would like to be where the university campus is or just be in a place that receives more traffic so we can meet more people. The university would be great to be around although there are still some restrictions and classes have not returned there is talk that classes will return in one form or another next year. People still use masks here and many have not been vaccinated and things are taking time to return to normal.

I am taking time to go to the river and pray. I have felt a need to be in communication with my Father. These times have helped me preserver in my faith and it is time to seek through prayer the will of God for Tarija. I pray to God that He helps me to find people so I can share the sweet Gospel of Jesus. I have yet to set up a Bible study and this has me a little worried and sad because time is passing quickly and we have been charged by God to be a part of His mission to the world. I desire that God’s favor be upon me and that things go back to a normality soon so that my work can be effective and so many will come to know the way of God.

With God’s blessing I celebrated my 46 birthday on October 5th with my family and team. It was a nice time with my family. I am thankful to God for the health He has given me and blessed by being able to continue working in His vineyard. I am hopeful that He will gradually use me in Tarija to bring Him honor and the glory He deserves.

We are also blessed because, after one postponement and mistake, my son Doddy was able to make it to Bolivia from Honduras. He has brought us much joy in his arrival. He had covid a couple months ago and was quarantined in the Baxter Bible Institute where he attends. This was a difficult time for him and for us. Thanks to God, he was able to recuperate from this sickness and he is doing well physically and emotionally. We had not been able to see him for about 2 years and we give so much thanks to God for the great blessing of seeing him again. On October 31st he preached the message on Sunday and it was very special.

Greetings and a strong hug for all. Thank you for blessing our lives through your help.

(Lunch with Doddy on his first day here. Myself and my two sons: Doddy and Nehemias)

Grace and peace,

Francisco Torres

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